1. Concierge Primary Care

Our concierge primary care services focus on achieving the ideal outcomes that healthcare should achieve.  We go above and beyond traditional primary care by first learning about our patients’ current health status and then we work together to optimize their health.  We will achieve this by leveraging technology, fitness, and nutrition to aggressively prevent disease and to improve any existing chronic conditions.  The goal is to increase one’s quality of life and longevity. 

Concierge Primary Care Includes: 

  • Physicals 
  • Follow up visits 
  • Sick visits 
  • Telemedicine
  • Management of chronic conditions 
  • Preventive care
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Direct access to Dr. Kundula 7 days a week

2. Weight Management 

We begin with a thorough history and exam to understand who you are.  To personalize your approach to achieve your goals, we make use of technology to give you insight on how to make the necessary lifestyle choices to succeed.  For example, we will measure your resting metabolic rate to identify how many calories you use each day.  This will allow us to develop a plan with precision.  Medications will be prescribed when indicated. 

3. Personal Fitness Training

We offer personal fitness training.  Our fitness center is conveniently located in our medical facility.  Dr. Kundula is a physician and a certified personal fitness trainer.  The unique combination of a physician and fitness trainer allows us to seamlessly incorporate your fitness goals with your overall health.

4. Fitness Analysis 

A thorough fitness analysis has many benefits.  Whether you are interested in optimizing your general health, looking to lose weight or an athlete; we can help.   

We leverage state of the art technology to provide feedback during your fitness transformation.  Protocols are made to test personal metrics such as VO2 max, thresholds, fuel sources and lactate levels.  We use these metrics to guide training to achieve your goals.   

5. Second Opinion Health Review 

We know that visits with your primary care physician can be rushed and overwhelming.  This can lead to suboptimal care that can become detrimental over time.  We can arrange to go over your medical history and records to identify where further care is needed.  After a thorough review we will educate and prepare you with the knowledge to obtain the most out of your visits with your primary care provider.  cc

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