Concierge medicine is a type of healthcare delivery model in which patients pay an annual or monthly fee to receive personalized, highly accessible care from a physician. Concierge physicians typically have a smaller patient panel than traditional physicians, which allows them to spend more time with each patient and provide more comprehensive care.

We have recently become in-network with Anthem Blue Cross PPO and Aetna and will submit claims to them.  

We are opted out of Medicare therefore we cannot bill Medicare for primary care services and the patient also cannot seek reimbursement from Medicare.   

Yes.  We understand that with the current health care model it is difficult to go in depth with your primary care physician to receive the most comprehensive testing and care.   

For a flat fee we can review your medical records and make recommendations, so you can work with your primary care physician to receive better care.  

We can only see patients who have established themselves at our California practice in person prior to the tele visit. 

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